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Our Products


Safe Harbor Security Cameras offers three product lines of surveillance camera systems:

 Low-Cost IP Network-based System

These cost-effective IP cameras provide the performance and functionality similar to higher-cost IP cameras. When mated to our "Milestone Systems" software they can provide excellent performance.

Mid-Range IP Network-Based Systems

At this price range, we offer Vivotek Cameras. These IP network-based camera systems provide excellent performance at a very reasonable cost. Whether you want an outdoor Day and Night capable camera with built-in Infared illuminators or a discreet Ultra-mini dome camera, Safe Harbor can meet your needs.
Our Vivotek Cameras offer free video recording and playback software. This software allows users to easily search recorded video. Vivotek cameras offer solid surveillance solutions while meeting demanding budgets.

High-End IP Network-Based Systems

IP network-based camera systems provide superior performance that include proven functionality for the discerning customer. We offer both Axis and Mobotix Cameras for our most demanding customers. These cameras use highly tested and designed hardware for the professional market’s requirements. License Plate capture and facial identification are both possible.